这家公司已经帮过我两次了. 约翰和他的员工总是把客户的利益放在第一位. I have never dealt with an attorney where everyone in the office knows what’s going on with your case and no one gives you the run-around. 当他们说你要得到回调时,你要做好心理准备. 也不要拐弯抹角. Another admirable and unique quality of care and compassion is that not only did the staff let me know every step of where my case stood, but both John and Jessica called and text personally multiple times to see how I was doing. 衷心感谢这家公司和所有员工. 如果发生法律纠纷,请致电约翰·dafa888casino网页版下载. 也没有等待多年的定居点. 这两起案件都花了数月时间才达成和解!


“John is a tremendously talented and extremely driven attorney as well as a terrific and caring human being.”

John is a tremendously talented and extremely driven attorney as well as a terrific and caring human being. 当我女儿严重受伤时, I was amazed at the knowledge and persistence demonstrated by John and his team in pursuit of the best outcome on her behalf. 然而,, 在他所有的辛勤工作中, 他仍然乐于回答问题, 解释他的策略, 也要同情我们的家庭. 我已经把别人介绍给约翰了, 我想, 毫无保留, 向任何需要法律帮助的人推荐dafa888casino网页版登录. 你会很高兴你保留了它们!

"He takes care of the clients every time and fully explains the ins and outs of the cases every time in a professional, 有礼貌, 和类型的方式."
"They do things right and have their clients’ feelings and well-being at the top of their list."

约翰和他的团队很棒! 他们知道自己在处理任何案子的每一个方面. My case/cases were very difficult and were able to come out on top because of their knowledge and professionalism. They also do things right and have their clients’ feelings and well-being at the top of their list. 我将继续使用他们,如果我在未来需要他们. 其他任何需要他们这种服务的人也应该如此!


在我和我前妻生活的艰难时期, when we had just lost our son due to the negligence of an apartment complex, John came in and helped us understand what the law should have required of the complex, 这一切本不应该发生. He also went out of his way to make sure we were able to make it to every appointment and meeting we had during the long course of the case. He also would sit there and talk to us about what we feel about what happened to our son, not just a lawyer but someone that truly cares about how we feel not just what he needs to know. 甚至在案件结束后, he kept in contact with us and asked us if we need anything to contact him. He does not just make you feel like a client, he makes you feel like family. 我们觉得他只是在调查我们的案子, 我们都知道除了我们的案子,他还在处理很多案子. 所以如果我必须找个律师,那肯定是他.


约翰·拉姆齐是一位了不起的律师、父亲、丈夫和朋友. He is the best in his field and represents his clients with integrity and loyalty. 他对我的问题的代理已被处理了, 有着强烈的动力和渊博的知识. I’m proud to know him and to know that his Law Firm exists for our generation.


He is genuinely interested in your case and will continue to fight for what is right. 我住在埃尔帕索, 德州和拉姆齐·劳和乔尔·帕尔多都在休斯顿, 但我总觉得乔尔和他的团队离我很近. Joel and Juan always answered my questions promptly and consistently kept me informed about my case. I always felt they were saying the truth when informing and consulting me. 他们很快就解决了我的案子,和他们一起工作很愉快.

"在一起烧伤事故中为我和我的家人辩护. The judge of our case said that they were one of the best lawyers because they handle the case very professionally."

Everyone I came in contact with at dafa888casino网页版登录 was so nice and so helpful. 他们真的很专注于他们的工作和客户. Joel Pardo, specifically, went above and beyond for me when I was injured in a serious car accident. He was always there to answer any question I had in detail and to help me understand where we were at each step in the process. He really dedicated himself to me and my case and worked very hard to get me my settlement in less than a year. 我强烈推荐他和拉姆齐律师事务所.


Mr. 拉姆齐 represented my family after my husband was fatally injured in an accident. My children and I had almost given up on finding any 种类 of help after the accident. 直到约翰·拉姆齐打电话给我们愿意帮忙. He had no problem making the trip to Fort Worth and meeting with my family the next day. Not only was he a nice guy, but He was also very caring, clearly a family man. 跟我家人谈了20分钟之后, 他让我的小女儿笑了, 他让她觉得自己在为她爸爸伸张正义方面帮了很大的忙. 他在那里帮助每一步的道路. 他赢了我们没人愿意接的案子. 我可以诚实地说,他赢得了我家人的信任和尊重. 无论输赢,我们都知道有人站在我们这边. 他保护我们不受那些我们不知道不能信任的人的伤害. 他提供了事实,帮我们找回了自己的生活. Mr. 拉姆齐 is more than a lawyer, he’s a guardian angel to me and a superhero to my kids. 谢谢你,John 拉姆齐.


我在dafa888casino网页版下载有一段特别的经历. The team is so loving and respectful, they helped me every step of the way. 没有任何语言可以表达他有多想. 拉姆齐和他的团队在如此艰难的时刻帮助了我的家人. 谢谢你!!


Joel Pardo律师代理了我的案子. 他非常高效,在整个过程中不断向我汇报最新情况. 我强烈推荐乔尔代理你的案子.

Yarisel D.

John 拉姆齐 represented my Aunt who was in a car accident and walked away with permanent damage to her sight. Mr. 拉姆齐确保她被照顾好了. 他的沟通能力和亲和力给我留下了深刻的印象. Especially when he stopped in to visit her for no other apparent reason than to see how she was doing. Where in this world are you going to find any professional that would do that? dafa888casino网页版登录他怎么说都不为过.

"Dedicated, compassionate, honest team of attorneys that go out of their way to assist their clients."

我很感激我选择了你们公司来为我处理这个案子. 非常了解. 总是很专心地回我的电话. 谢谢你,先生. 拉姆齐,在如此艰难的时刻有如此愉快的经历.


I had a work-related issue and John helped me through the grueling task of continuing to work while engaging his service and undergoing medical issues, 所有这些都在同一时间发生. 他是病人, 种类, 总是问我想做什么, 并提出建议, 让我再次有了选择的权利. 没有他,我不可能做到这一切. 他是我真正的救星.


I have referred several people to John and he takes care of them every time. He spends the time to explain their case with them and jumps on the case immediately when needed. 他是我所认识的最有效率、又善良又有礼貌的律师之一.


Not only did they assist me years ago in resolving a business dispute with the state that saved me thousands due to their error and unwillingness to resolve it. They also took care of one of my family members when they were in a terrible auto accident. 不像你在t上看到的律师.v. and large billboards all over town they actually practice law and litigate cases. There isn’t a single law firm I would want advising me or representing me or my family.